Is it safe to bypass error m7111-1331-5059?

If you think that, it is actually a process of fixing the error caused in Netflix. Then you are wrong, we are not fixing any error but we are trying to avoid that error. Not clear? It actually means that we are finding another way to watch the content in the Netflix.

It doesn’t mean that we are doing an illegal activity or adopting an illegal way to watch the content in the Netflix. By clearing this error we will be able to watch Netflix content when we are on move. In this article we will see about the techniques to fix the error and also the additional advantages we go through this process.

How to workaround with Netflix error m7111-1331-5059?

In this article we will explain about the Netflix m7111-1331-5059 errors. This is actually an instruction given by the Netflix. We will see that, why Netflix is actually doing this and also we will see about geo blocking of content in the Netflix. To overcome this Netflix m7111-1331-5059 error we simply have to find out a VPN which suits us and Netflix. This article provides the list of five providers which work well with Netflix. We will also give a brief explanation, advantages and disadvantages of those provides. So without any further due, let us explore the article.

What is m7111-1331-5059 Error code?

The Netflix generate this type of instruction in the form of “You seem to be using a un-blocker or proxy. Please turn off any of these services and try again”. It actually means that you are trying to find a way to watch the Netflix content which is geo blocked. This type of instructions may also occur when we are using a VPN for the security purpose. If you are using a system in a public Library and you want your data to be confidential, you tend to use a VPN. But the Netflix administration will think that you are unblocking some geographically blocked content. Actually this is what happens; it is actually very difficult to find out which is true and which is false.

Why is Netflix doing that?

Licensing, it is the only reason for Netflix to avoid the usage of VPN. Netflix actually owns the license to stream the programs online to their viewers. By using a VPN, we are causing Netflix a threat. Each region may have unique rights to telecast the Netflix programs, but these programs may not be available in the other regions. Some of the TV shows may be available in European regions and all these programs may not be available in the US region.

In some region, the broad caster may also have got rights to telecast the programs in the channel. Netflix also provides some of the programs which are the original Netflix series, but yet they are tele casted in separate channels. Riverdale is such a programs which is aired on CW; it is an original Netflix series.

Geo blocking in detail

Geo blocking is a method of blocking the content geographically. It means that Netflix subscribers are allowed to use the locally available servers for their purpose. By blocking the content geographically we may prevent many threats to the site. Geo blocking is normally doing by filtering from the traffic of request to the server. The filtering process is done by filtering the IP addresses. The IP addresses contains the details of source network and the source address, each system and the network will have unique IP address assigned to them. By filtering it we can able to block the content geographically.

When the user sends the request to the Netflix server, the server and the IP address communicates. Then the Netflix server checks the IP address and it also checks the geographical location of the request. If the request us from any unauthorized location. The request of the user will be cancelled.

How does a VPN work for geo blocked contents?

VPN is normally used to provide security and to hide the identity of the user in the internet. They help us connect to the Netflix account from anywhere. VPN provides security by encrypting the data. It first encrypts the data and then by using the method of decryption. It decrypts the data. VPN creates a tunnel in which the data is sent and received from any part of the world. When the request is set to the server, before that VPN encrypts the data and also stores the data then passes the data to the server and then when the answer for the request is obtained. Before sending the answer to the internet, the VPN decrypts the data.

The person who is unblocking the geographically blocked content, he first send the request to the server, the VPN encrypts the query. So when the encrypted query is obtained by the Netflix server. The server will think that the IP address of the VPN is the IP address of the user and hence the Netflix server will give a response, irrespective of the location.

Actually the Netflix knows that people are using VPN to access the geographically blocked contents. To take a step for this serious condition, Netflix blocks all the IP addresses which belongs to the VPN service providers. By doing so the legit users, who are using VPN to increase their privacy will also get affected by this blocking of IP addresses of VPN.

How to fix the error?

If you are dealing with Netflix m7111-1331-5059 error, then the following are the steps to overcome or to avoid such error. The following are the steps which need to be followed to clear the error. They are
• Below are 5 reviewed VPNs, try to sign up and install one of them Express VPN is highly recommended.
• Appropriate client’s provider software for your operating system should be installed in the system.
• Then open the client VPN software, from the list select the server location from which you want to see the Netflix content. The location includes US, UK, Canada and Japan.
• Then clear the cookies on the browser to ensure that the server does not see that you are VPN user.
• Finally open the Netflix account and search for the geographically blocked content. After doing all these process, now you will able to see the blocked content on the Netflix.

Even after doing all these steps, still not able to see the content. Then you don’t have to worry simply go to step 3 and choose another server from the same country. It will definitely work if you are using the recommended VPN. If you are provided has shown up with the Netflix option then go for it. It will automatically select the best server for your Netflix

The Best VPN for Netflix

The Netflix does not work well all the available VPN in the market. Netflix is actively taking steps to block the users who are using VPN. They are mainly doing this to block the users who are trying to unblock the geo blocked content in the Netflix. But in reality the legit users, who are using VPN to enhance the security and privacy in their browsing history also gets affected. This issue is mainly raised due to the problem that the server of Netflix thinks that the IP address of the VPN is the IP address of the user. To overcome this problem, it is suggested to use the top VPNs which are reviewed in the later sections.

Express VPN

Express VPN is one of the fastest VPN which is present in the market. Now days, there are many number of apps available to stream online. One such app is Netflix which is used to stream TV shows, movies and also the web series. Netflix requires a VPN with high speed. Express VPN is such high speed VPN which provides high speed without degrading the performance of the app. It also does not claim to retain the minimal individual data.

It uses the open standards encrypted with 256 bit AES, then DHE- RSA keys are protected with the SHA-512 hashing algorithm. It provides very good level of privacy and it uses the British Virgin Islands. They are mostly used in the client app to lock the network to other provider’s switch. The only drawback about the Express VPN is that, it does not provide wide variety of servers and the server location, but it does not compromise with the working of the VPN. Express VPN’s client application is very friendly for the beginners. They are also available for all the platforms. They provide 24/7 customer service to their customers, to solve any issues. They also provide online chatting support, to obtain the reply within few seconds.


• The VPN does not maintain any personal usage log.
• It also helps to unblock Netflix and many other streaming services such as Hulu, BBC player and also iplayer.
• It makes use of AES-256 encryption technique.
• It provides the fastest and most reliable connections.
• The customer service offers the live chat support.


• It fails to provide some of the advanced features for more advanced users.
• It also provides an expensive experience in VPN when compared to other service providers

Express VPN is the best choice, install the Express VPN with 49% discount on the yearly plan and obtain 3 days extra plan. The money will be refunded within 30 days.

Nord VPN

Nord VPN is one of the oldest VPN; it has been used since a decade. But still the popularity of the Nord VPN does not go down. Due to its good performance people are still using the Nord VPN for their purpose. It is very popular because it has more than 5000 servers which are covering almost over 61 countries. It also helps to overcome the geo restrictions in the server. It also offers 99.9% uptime. Apart from solving geo restrictions in Netflix, it also involves many other Kodi apps such as Hulu, BBC player and many other Kodi apps. In the past time, Nord VPN got criticized for the slow speed. To overcome this problem, Nord VPN took many measures and solved the problem.

Nord VPN involves 256 bit encryption with 2 048 bit Diffie Hellman algorithms which are standard. It also provides security in many ways; they are kill switch and shared IP address. They also provide panama which means that they are not free to retain any user’s information. They also provide double encryption technique, in which the data is encrypted twice and then the data is passed through two consecutive VPN servers. The data is also moved over onion, where the data is moved over the TOR network and also above the VPN network for more security.


• There are more than 5000 servers present across the world.
• It also provides the 30 days money back guarantee
• It also offers the double encryption method if needed.
• The ratings provided by the Google Play Store users are 4.3/5
• It unblocks many Kodi apps apart from Netflix such as Hulu, BBC player, etc.
• It provides 2 048 SSL keys and data leak protection.


• There are some servers which are unreliable
• The provider can take up to 30 days to refund the amount back to the owner.
Install Nord VPN with 75% discount and also you can have three years of service and 30 days money back guarantee


Cyberghost is another most popular VPN in the market. This VPN also provides a long list of server location across the world. It has more than 1300 servers which is present around 30 different countries. In which almost 150 servers are present in the US region. This means that we will be able to mostly unblock the American TV shows. But we can also unblock other Programs too, which are bypassed through other regions of the world.

By default Cyberghost uses the open VPN protocol with 256 bit AES encryption and2 048 bit keys. To ensure more security, this process involves the random generation of session keys each time when we use them. The main advantage of this VPN is that, it does not need any personal information of the user. It only requires the username of the client; it does not even need the email I’d of the user. The other important features are that they also provide internet kill switch and they also provide DNS and IP leak protection. It is also available in Os, iOS, android and also in Mac platforms.


• It differs from other streaming providers, it unblocks Netflix and also the Amazon prime video
• It is very easy to use
• The service can be extended in seven devices simultaneously
• It is very reliable
• It provides the chat option with the expert for 24/7
• It is very fast and the speed is very ideal for streaming.


• It is not available for the Linux Client app.
• In WebRTC IPv6 there is a leak in the Mac OS is reported.
Install the VPN to obtain 79 % discount and 18 months of free service.

Private VPN

Private VPN is the next popular VPN in the list; it is named as an excellent provider. We can use this VPN, not only to surf, search but also to download the content safely from the websites. It is often suggested and used by many users, because of its speed and for its ease of use. This VPN also allows the user to check their social media accounts and also to send and receive mails from any part of the world, without any anonymity. It is the general VPN which can be used on the daily basis. As of the client application software is seen, this VPN is available for smart phones, laptops and also in desktops. This VPN provider is the good option for the people, who wants to use all the features of the VPN but still does not want to deal with the complicated interfaces. Private VPN has servers more than 100, which is present among the 56 different countries in the world. The service provider is actually is not been noticed by the Netflix, it means that he is doing a good job. It uses the 256- bit AES encryption to keep its connection safe and secured. It also offers kill switch and the DNS leak protection. It has the zero logging policy, in all the aspects of privacy and protection.


• It is the fastest VPN available in the market
• It has the best user friendly client application software
• It also offers 24/7 support and also provide live chat options with the service providers.
• It also offers both the free trials and also the money back guarantee.
• It can unblock Netflix, BBC iPlayer and many other streaming platforms which are geographically blocked.


• The server support is not upto the level
• The live chat option is very rarely available
• The server collects the IP address and they also use cookies
• It boosts a smaller network of servers.
Install the Private VPN and obtain 65% discount on the yearly plan and also obtain an extra month free service