The users of Fire TV, Fire stick and certain other Android users are very familiar with the floating widget icon. These icons occur when their television device is already side loaded with contents the floating widget icons are nothing but the notification which pops from the ES file explorer. This notification from the ES file explorer just lets us know that certain app in our device has been updated recently. These floating widget icons normally differ in shapes, sizes, font, and color and in layout. This floating icon does not have any other functionality to it. It is just an annoying notification about the updation of an application which will be present in the monitor screen.

It is well known that every problem will have a solution to it. And so, far this type of problem we have a solution. We can easily remove the floating widget icon from the fire TV, fire stick and also from other Android TV sets. The process of removing the floating widget icon is very simple and straight forward. It just involves the following steps; they are discussed later in this article. So without any further due, Let us jump directly into the article.

Remember to use a VPN on your device

The Virtual Private Network is mainly used to protect the user’s information from the internet service provider. Because, the Internet service provider will have a record of all the browsing history of the users. It will ensure the security and privacy of the user. When a Virtual Private Network is used, it actually creates a tunnel through which when the data is passed it gets encrypted and then encrypted before released to the internet.

To ensure the privacy of the user, the encryption algorithms are used in the process. It will strengthen the privacy of the user’s browsing history. It can also protect the problems even the problems present in the Fire TV and Fire Stick. There are many number of VPNs are present in the market. But it is suggested to use the IP Vanish VPN to protect the data and privacy of the user. IP Vanish is the best VPN to be used in the Fire stick and Fire TV. Because it has fast servers and it is used on almost every platform. It provides the speed and performance at extremely great level.

The IP Vanish installation occurs through Amazon’s app store and the installation process is also quite simple and IP Vanish maintains the high speed and quality through maintaining lots of servers. It has almost 1100 servers across 60 countries. This VPN allow us to download and install the movies and dramas at fast rate. Our information is protected by 256 bit encryption technique. It also does not ask for any information about the user that is zero logging policy. Then the identity of the user is also kept hidden in the internet by using both the kill switch and DNS leak protection.

About the Fire TV floating widget

Why floating widget icons are present in the Fire TV and Android TV? Is there any error caused in them? From where these notifications are generated?, What are the possible ways to get rid of them? All these information about the Floating Widget icons are discussed below in the article.

What are the methods to get rid of these icons?
Actually the bubble widget is a simple concept. When the app that gets installed, the ES file manager will keep a track on that app and provide a notification of that updated app. This will be presented in the form of floating widget icon. These icons are light and they keep floating in the home screen.

How to remove the Floating Widget circle

To remove this annoying floating widget from your home screen display, simply you have to follow some steps. The following steps are.

Open ES File Explorer

Mainly this floating widget app icon occurs due to ES File manager and so, the first step is to launch the app. You can find out this app in your home screen, it will look like a small cloud which contains blue icons. The icon says as” ES”. If you are a Fire TV and Fire stick user, you can find the app in the Apps & channels section in your recent row of apps. Others can find out their app in the app drawer of their smart TVs.

Choose the Settings Tab

When we move inside the ES file explorer, we can able to see a two pane design. It will contain abs such as Home, Downloads, Favorite will be seen on the left side, while icons with cloud such as Music, App AND Movie Content is seen on the right side.

Then to make the changes in the visibility of the notifications, we have to visit the settings tab and press the left pane. We have to keep scrolling until we find it. The users of the Fire TV, Fire stick can find out their app on the left side by pressing the remote.

Disable the floating widget

Then in the settings menu, we will see a list of options, we have to scroll down until it takes us to a new page. In that new page we will able to see few added options. To disable the floating widget completely, you have to click the enable floating widget button. It means that you have disabled the floating widget option. You can check his by checking whether the box on the right side is empty or not. If the box is empty, then it is known that floating widget has been disabled successfully.

Return to our Home Screen

Once all the above mentioned process is over, move to your home screen. After returning from the ES File manager now we can experience the floating widget free experience. By doing so, we are eliminating the need of uninstalling the app or rebooting the device. Now you will see that floating icon now have been disappeared. This is sure that the floating widget icon won’t come back even when there is an app update is available.

Others way to Remove Floating Circle notifications

Modifying the status in the ES file explorer is the best way to get rid of the floating widget icon. Mostly this method will work for all the people, when it fails to work. You have to follow certain other methods. The alternative methods include.
Uninstall ES File explorer

The simplest ideas will come to our mind, when we are trying to get rid of some particular app notifications, that is, we can simply uninstall the app. By uninstalling the app we are able to get rid of notifications from that particular app. This will suit for all Android TV sets, Fire TV and Fire Stick.

Uninstalling the ES file explorer on Fire Stick and Fire TV

• Go to the Home menu in your Fire TV
• Then choose the Settings options from the menu items. Then, you need to press the remote to highlight.
• Then scroll to the right side of the menu to choose the applications.
• Then search for Manage Installed Applications from the application menu and select it.
• The hit the ES File Explorer in the list
• Select the ES file explorer. A new screen will open. Then scroll down to uninstall it.
• Then for confirmation process, a secondary screen will be opened. Select Uninstall to confirm it again.
• Then after few seconds, the ES File Explorer folder will be deleted from the TV device.

If you are an android TV user, the uninstallation process is quite different from the others. It depends on the hardware that we are using. In the smart phones and Tablets the uninstallation process is quite simple, you have to simply press and hold the app icon for few seconds. And then, drag the selected app icon to the left side of your screen or to the trash can. Then automatically the app will be uninstalled. Once the app is uninstalled both the app and the notifications will be disappeared from your device.

As it is mentioned earlier that the uninstallation process I the Android TV differs, those people should follow the following steps. These steps include
• In your Android TV device, go to the main menu
• Then search for the settings icon and then find the options button.
• Then search for Apps tab and then open it
• Then you will be able to see a huge list, which will contain the list of installed app in your device
• Then hit the app and select the uninstall option.
• Then confirm the deletion process. Within few seconds the app will be uninstalled from your device.

Replace the ES File explorer with another App

Like ES File explorer, there are many other file navigating apps which are available in the market. These apps also will contain the same options and functionality like other apps. There are many third party apps which are available in the market, they are also open source. And, there are also many other apps which does not include any annoying floating widgets in them. Now let us see some of those apps in detail.

Best Alternatives to ES File Explorer

Mostly the users of Fire TV and Fire Stick are installing the ES File explorer app, just because they come with certain side loaded contents. But the truth is there is much small software available in the market which will do the same amount of work without any annoying floating app widgets as the notifications in the screen.


The best alternative app for the ES File explorer is the Downloader app; it contains many quality side loaded contents. This app is available directly in the Fire TV’s app store. If you want to download this file as the app file, then search for it and install it. You can bring it to the Downloader’s interface. After few steps the installation process will be over.

But the disadvantage of the app is that, it does not come with the file explorer interface. But it has some good quality features like simple, free and also straight forward. So it is a best app to replace the Downloader.


This app can run on any type of software platform not necessarily on the certain platform, which is downloaded from the Amazon’s app store. So the advantage is that we can able to sideload the contents in this app without need for cables or hacking.

This app does not include any navigation features, but it does allow us to sideload apps to our device easily.


The adblink is mainly used by the user’s who wants to have control over their Fire TV devices. It operates mostly on all types of operating systems which are available on the internet. The application is connected to the Fire TV through the wifi which is currently available for the device.

We don’t have to do any extra support to side load contents on Fire TV by using the adblink app. But when compared to ES file explorer, it was quite easier to deal with, because we can able to access it from our own PC.

Ghost Commander

It is an absolutely awesome, free and open source application. It can perform all the tricks and functionalities which are done by ES File explorer and it also can do a lot more than that. It completes all the jobs without any interruption and most importantly without any floating widget icon notifications.

Is ES File Explorer safe?

Actually ES is a free app which is freely available for all the smart TV users such as Android TV, Fire TV and Fire Stick users. It is a application which is able to navigate through the devices file structure. It is mainly used for side loading contents and installs any Apk files without jail breaking or modifying the rules.

When comes to safety. Yes! It is absolutely safe to use, it does not cause any kind of issue to the device or to the user. The only problem is that the presence of the floating widget icon in the main screen after every updation if the app. Apart from this notification there is no other problem with the ES File explorer.


The floating widget icon which is present in the SE file explorer of the Fire TV and Fire Stick is the only frustrating problem. But this problem also has a quick and easy solution to remove the floating widget icon or by removing the application from your device. After removing the floating widget icon, now we will be able to enjoy movies, TV shows and extra more for free without any disturbance.