In this era of smart Televisions, there is a number of Kodi addons available which is exclusively made for smart TV. Many Kodi add-ons are available only a few add-ons offer the best quality and filled with excellent features and functionality. In this article, we are going to see 25 best add-ons. They are currently available in the market for the best experience in watching movies through the Kodi addons.

Are you looking for detailed information about the Kodi add-ons to enjoy summer holidays by streaming movies on tour TV? Then you are in the right place, in this article we have handpicked the best Kodi addons. It will take your movie watching experience to the next level.

25 Best Add-ons on List for Kodi movies

The following list contains the best Kodi movie add-ons,

  1. BBC iPlayer
  2. Play On Browser
  3. FlimRise – YouTube
  4. Internet Archive
  5. Viewster
  6. Popcorn flix
  7. Black and White Movies
  8. Charge! Live TV
  9. Tubi TV
  10. Xumo
  11. YouTube
  12. Crackle
  13. Documentary Storm
  14. Netflix
  15. Amazon Prime Video
  16. TV
  17. Comet TV Live
  18. Shout Factory TV
  19. BFI Player
  20. ITV
  21. Big Star Movies
  22. USTV catch up
  23. USTV now
  24. PS Vue ( Play Station Vue Addon)
  25. Snagfilms


How to use Kodi to watch movies

You have to follow the simple steps to watch movies using the Kodi add-ons, the steps are

  • Using the website, install the latest Kodi app to watch movies.
  • Then open the Kodi app and search for the addons options.
  • On the top left corner, point out the package symbol and select the install from repository option.
  • After the installation process, search for Kodi Add-on repository.
  • Then search for your required Add – on and install them.
  • One of the important things to consider is that our browsing should be kept private for that we can use a VPN (Virtual Private Network). IP Vanish is such a VPN which is recommended by many organizations.

Actually using Kodi is a simple process. The only thing we should consider is that the usage of VPN to keep our searching history as private. Using Addons is also sometimes risky because some of these Kodi addons are hacked already.

Make sure your Browsing is Private

The ISP we are using can see the movie we are watching and the contents we are searching for. To avoid this issue it is actually good to use a Virtual Private Network (VPN).

Actually, Kodi VPN is used to encrypt the data. It includes our browsing history and the details about the movies we are going to stream. The VPN hides all the information from the ISP, other possible media through which decryption can occur and also from the hackers. IP Vanish is a VPN which can be used by Kodi Users. Also, it helps to stream movies and to ensure privacy, it is very cheap and also easy to use.

Many Kodi users suggest other Kodi users to use the IP Vanish as their Virtual Private Network. It offers good speed, security and a cost-efficient choice to many Kodi users. When installed IP Vanish can lead to run on more than 10 Kodi devices at the same time.

BBC iPlayer

The world-famous BBC news TV and other radio programs of BBC are available in the Kodi addons. It is in the form of iplayer. Mostly the content which is present in the BBC is based on the UK programs. So before using BBC iPlayer in our Kodi addons we should make sure that we have set our VPN to the UK.

By using this BBC iPlayer we can able to see live TV programs, News, cricket and all the shows of BBC. Before installing a VPN we should check whether it will support the UK base contents. Yes, most of the VPN’S are not going to support them.

For using BBC iPlayer one should have a valid TV license. The people who are residing in the UK can easily able to use the BBC iPlayer as will have the TV License.

Play On

If you are a person who is into watching paid streaming videos like Amazon Prime, Netflix, and Hulu. Then the best option to stream these videos will be played on, which costs $2.50 a month. This also comes with an additional feature. We can able to record the streaming videos in the DVR and can use for playback purpose.

Another feature of this play is that it will automatically skip ads. And it requires a window PC to run this Kodi. Kodi can run under any operating system. Kodi is one of the efficient platforms to integrate all the paid streaming videos and it is fully legal.

FlimRise – YouTube

If you are a person who watches brand new movies, web series and others by subscribing to certain entertaining platforms. Then Flimrise is a platform which consists of lots of movies and entertaining programs. If you need to integrate your FlimRise into Kodi addon, then you can find the FlimRise Kodi addon into repository. There will be a number of FlimRise addon will be available on the Kodi addon repository. The one which we need is FlimRise – YouTube, it will contain all the videos and movies which are available in YouTube.

Internet Archive

Some people love to watch classic movies and dramas, but where to find all these movie stuffs and videos. We can easily find these kinds of stuffs in the internet Archive platform. It contains all types of movies, dramas, soft wares, music and many other things. It is actually a library sort of thing.

This Internet Archive platform is not found in the official Kodi addon repository. To install this addon we have to go to SuperRepo Addon Repository. This repository not only contains official addons, but also unofficial addons. So while using the SuperRepo addon Repository we have to be super careful.


Viewster is actually a service streaming centre which is Switzerland based. The important characteristic of this platform is that it is available to all the viewers all over the world. This platform does not lock the sites for other regions of the world. It can be seen from any part of the world except the content filtering countries like china and so on. This platform provides all types of movies and other stuffs which will not be available in any other platform. It is actually a database which contains anime, movies, live shows, dramas and classical movies and videos.

Popcorn Flix

It is very much similar to Tubi TV. It is easy to use and it also available at free of cost. We can able to download and install the popcorn Flix free from the Kodi addon apps. It offers a wide range of movies, dramas, cartoons and many TV shows in the line. It provides movies in all the genres starting from comedy, romantic, horror and divine.

We can able to find the Popcorn Flix in the Kodi Addon Repository at free of cost. We can also able to link to our private popcorn Flix account in the popcorn flix Kodi addon app also.

Black and White movies

People love to watch Black and White movies.hen you can take a look into the Black and White movies on the Kodi repository. If movie has an expired copyright license then surely will able to find movie in Black and White movies addon. Actually black and white movies are one of the few addons which allows one to download movies at free of cost. Also, within the direct link of the Kodi website you should know. We can able to find the black and white addons in the Kodi addons Repository.

Charge! Live TV

Sinclair Broadcasting organization has now recently released the website platform. It provides sports shows, gaming entertainment but mostly it focuses on the action movies and also the old classical movies. The Charge is absolutely free for all the people. But only drawback to this platform is that it is available only at the UK regions. To overcome this we can use a VPN to overcome this situation. This addon is absolutely free. It also offers a wide range of movies making it an excellent addon to keep in our Kodi addon list.

Tubi TV

THE Kodi installation is incomplete without installing the Tubi TV. This Tubi TV offers us more than 50,000 movie titles and drama titles. This platform offers only the top rated movies and TV reality shows. It is available all over the world. But some of the sites and regions may be locked due to the content filtering issue in various geographical regions.

If you want to enjoy the overall content library of the Tubi TV, then we can use a Virtual Private Network. It will overcome all the issues of the content filtering. This Tubi TV is available and can be installed in the Kodi addon Repository.


IPTV TV service offers the Xumo platform; this platform contains a large number of channels. It is very much similar to the Pluto.TV. But it has a larger range of channel selection when compared to the Pluto.TV. This platform contains many good and classic channels which is available only in this addon.

You can directly install Xumo from the Kodi addon Repository at the free of cost. This platform is available to everyone from any parts of the world.


The most popular site for videos, movies, songs and clips is also available in the Kodi addon. In this Kodi addon we can easily find all the movies and videos which have been found in YouTube. It is also available in the YouTube Kodi addons. YouTube is suggested by many people, because this site does not show any advertisements and side banners in the site. It only shows the videos which we have browsed.

This YouTube Kodi addon won’t work until we pair our device with our Kodi account. We have to sign in and then we have to activate the Kodi addon app. This process should be related two times to login into our YouTube Kodi addons. This YouTube Kodi addon is absolutely legal and we can find this YouTube Kodi addon in the Kodi addon repository.


The crackle addon is the part of the crackle which is sponsored by the Sony organization. This platform has the wide range of movies, TV shows and dramas. It is legal and it contains new movies in almost all types of genres. The movies and videos are mainly provide by this organization are of very high quality. And all these high quality videos are available at free of cost in Crackle addons. The crackle addon is available at Kodi addons Repository.

Documentary Storm

People who love to learn about historic events and current affairs of the world often choose documentaries. The documentaries are also counted as a movie. This documentary storm contains all types of documentary and stories about any particular incidents or phenomena.

This addon is mostly used to educate others. In many schools and colleges, this platform is used to educate students about any particular incident. This Documentary Storm Addon is available at the Kodi addon repository.


It is like Amazon Prime Video, which provides subscribed streaming service to their customers. The Netflix is mainly using by the people for the purpose of watching new movies and amazing web series. Each person owns an individual account, and they will have already subscribed to any certain plan. People can make use of this addon until the subscription is over.

The Netflix Addon account can integrate with our existing Netflix account. The Netflix addon can available and install from the Kodi Addon Repository.

Amazon Prime Video

The Amazon prime video is a subscribed streaming website. This addon exclusively offers new movies, TV Shows, drama and series. This account is subscribed and this account can integrate with our Kodi addon. It offers a wide range of titles for movies and dramas.

The Amazon prime video addon can install from the Kodi addon Repository. It includes new movies, music videos and drama series which are available only in the Amazon Prime Video Addon.

Pluto. TV

The IPTV services provide the Pluto.TV addon platform. It is exclusively for watching new movies and television drama series. It is a must have addon on our Kodi addon list. Another advantage is that it is completely free and can view from any other part of the world. This addon can available from the Kodi Addon Repository.

Comet TV Live

If you are a big fan of scientific movies, then Comet TV is the best choice for you. This Addon will offer a large variety of sci–fi TV shows and movies, but mostly it offers TV shows. They also provide some top hit movies from Hollywood box offices. It is actually a free, live streaming services provide by the Sinclair Broadcast Network. It is available in the Kodi addon repository.

This comet TV live is mainly designed to support by the Kodi version 18, Leia. The input stream is disabled in Kodi version 18. As a result it will generate an error message. So during the installation process and hence some steps need to be followed. They are

  • Search for Kodi in your home screen
  • Then locate Addons and select my addon option
  • Then select the video player input stream
  • Locate input stream adaptive and then select enable option.

Shout Factory TV

The content from popcorn flix is also available in the Shout Factory addon. But if we need more classic and straight cut movies we should approach for Shout Factory addon. It will offer us hundreds of new movies, web series and dramas. This addon provides episodes of famous dramas with high quality. The Shout Factory addon for Kodi is available in the Kodi Addon Repository.

BFI Player

Many of us don’t know about British Film Industry, the BFI player helps us to know about the history of British films. This addon provides documentaries, cartoons and political dramas which are mainly based on the British films. This addon is also used to educate people about the British film industry. The BFI player is available on the Kodi Addon Repository.


The ITV is very similar to the BBC iPlayer. It offers TV shows and dramas with better quality. It is also British based addon. An advantage of ITV over BBC iPlayer is that it does not require any license. The ITV addon is available at the Kodi addon repository.

Big Star Movies

The Big Star movie addon is suggested by many Kodi users. It provides many good quality movies, dramas, contents from almost all genres. It is free of cost and it also can be accessed from any part of the world. This addon is not located in the official Kodi website; it should install from the Metalchris Repository.

USTV Catch up

If we need an episode from the US TV shows, then download Episode from USTV catch up. It offers wide range of US TV shows with good quality. The series which are available on air and without any payment can be easily available in the USTV catch up. The USTV Catch up can easily install from the Addon repository and also from the Indigo Addon.


It is a service which is specially designed for the military men and women. But now days, it can access by any one. It includes a large number of movies and drama series. The movies available in this addon can be recorded using DVR otherwise they can be played on demand. We can find this on official Kodi Addon Repository.

Play station Vue Addon

It offers a TV streaming option through the play station. The existing account in the play station vue addon can be integrated with the Kodi Addon service. It is actually pricey when compared to other addons. But the quality provided by the platform is cost worthy. It provides option to record, on play demand and share the new streaming videos and games using the Kodi addon. This Kodi Addon is available at the official Kodi Addon Repository.


It is very similar to the filmRise Company. It is a movie distribution company which offers movies and videos at very wide range. But it is actually small when compared to the Flimrise. It is available in the official Kodi Addon Repository. The snagfilm is available at free of cost in the Kodi Addon platform.

Kodi addons for movie trailers

This addon provides high quality trailers of the upcoming movies. There are two options available to catch up movie trailers, they are

YouTube Kodi Addon

It is very popular. In this addon you can directly search for the required trailer of a particular movie. The simple steps are we have to go for movie trailers. Then, in channels we can able to see many number of YouTube channels available. There we can find the trailer which is best suitable for us.

HD Kodi addon

In this addon we can able to see and download trailers which are available at the HD quality. This addon can install from the official Kodi Addon Repository.

Kodi Explanation

Kodi is open source software. It is mainly used to install addons to our smart devices, these addons does not come by default. We have to install these addons from the official or unofficial platforms. With the help of Kodi we can able to watch movies, subscribed streaming videos and sports in Kodi Addon platform.

When we are searching for any movie or television drama, it is available in the official link. Then it is the safest way to install or download our requirements. These types include Exodus or Covenants.

The usage of third party sources for downloading the addons is very risky. It gives way for many hijackers. They also will carry many malware based problems to us. At the bottom of this article you can find some of the third party addon for movies.

No matter what Addons we are using, to enable security. We should use a Virtual Private Network to ensure privacy in our browsing.

The list of Unofficial Kodi Addons

The following are the some of the unofficial Kodi Addons. These unofficial Kodi Addons is suggested by many Kodi users. Let us discuss the importance and the threats in them.


It is a movie and drama streaming addon, which collects the contents from many websites and provides it in Kodi. It is popular in pirated streaming community.

Threats – Though it is a legal addon, it collects the content from many websites. The websites may include both the official and unofficial websites. So the content collected from the unofficial website may lead to threats.


Covenant is now very popular after exodus. Exodus has lost its developers support and hence many of the Kodi users are using covenant.

Threats – The reason is same as the Exodus it gets its content from many unofficial third party websites. It contains illegal copy righted content.

Genesis Reborn:

Genesis reborn literally means “rebirth”, it actually the evolution of an existing old add on in the Kodi. This addon scarps illegal content from many unofficial websites and present it to Kodi.

Threats – If we want to keep our hands clean and tidy without making them dirty. Then we have should avoid using this addon. As an alternative to this we can use play station vue addon or USTV TV addon for on-demand streaming.


It is actually a movie and series addon. This extracts content from many other sources and from various locations of the internet. It was previously known as Zen and it has the same functionality of Exodus.

Threats – The legal content is available in this addon. But the problem is that we have to make sure that the source comes from the legal side. And we should also check that the guidelines meet with our country’s rules and regulations.


A SALTS is an Acronym which stands for stream All The Sources. It is in the top level at illegal streaming of content in the addons through Kodi.

Threats – SALTS primarily deals with pirated streaming contents. It contains contents from many websites and it also scraps out content from other unofficial web pages. So it is better to avoid using the SALTS addon. There are many numbers of alternatives available for this SALTS and hence an alternative can be chosen from many.


Specto is an addon which belongs to the family of Exodus and Genesis Reborn. It not only supports the pirated streaming of videos but it also allows the shady downloading of video.

Threats – This addons contains the pirated videos and movies from the unofficial web pages. Downloading the videos from these websites will lead to doing illegal activities against the rules of the Kodi Addons.


Gurzil is a fork of Exodus, it scarps out all the videos and contents from many websites and addons. Then it displays on the Kodi for the purpose of easy viewing.

Threats – It shares the same problem as with other third party addons and on demand streaming services. The primary focus of the Gurzil addon is on the pirated content of the video. It would be better if it is avoided and an alternative is used.

Bob Unleashed:

Bob unleashed is developed by the noobsandnerds. It is mainly used to stream on demand movies and videos.

Threats – Though it is developed and maintained by the reputed organizations and the people. It gains its content mainly from the unofficial sources. And hence it should be avoided.

Death Streams:

It focuses mainly on unlicensed sources. Also, it is forked from the SALTS addons which pulls and extracts streams from many of the popular websites.

Threats – Even though this page contains handful of licensed items, but mostly the contents available in page are from unofficial websites. The copy righted contents are present in this addon and hence this addon should avoid.  


The nemesis addon is exclusively for the copyright holders. This addon provides access to many hackers and unlicensed organizations. The nemesis is using by many people as it contains live streaming TV shows from various sources.

Threats – It is not absolutely bad, it contains a perfect licensed legal streaming options. But the problem is that the majority of the content is illegally streamed. Nemesis is not recommended for the Kodi users.

Goodfellas 2.0

Goodfellas 2.0 is the live TV streaming addons with on demand services. It contains movies, series and also dramas. The most of the content present are unlicensed. They do not contain sources from the copy right holders and hence the goodfellas 2.0 is not recommended.


It is the new trending addon in the market. It is designed by the person who has developed the incursion Kodi addon. Seren pulls most of the from the YouTube but it also collects the videos from the unofficial websites. It leads to the copyright issues.

13 Clowns

13 clowns is the development from the Exodus. It has gained its popularity in 2019.It is a streaming addon which includes on demand movies and videos. Though it has gained its popularity, still the contents present in the 13 clown are illegal.

How to Install Kodi Addons

To install Kodi addons, we need certain repositories. These repositories are a library of addons. Some of the repositories can install manually and some may be installed by using a simple installer. Learn to install Smash, SuperRepo, Super Kodi and FilmKodi.

For some types of addons, we do not need to install the repository need, they can be installed directly from the zip file.

Kodi movies on FireStick, Android, Mac or iPhone

Krypton is the latest version for Kodi, which is currently available in the market. The Kodi addon can be easily installed from any official website. After the installation process, the required sets of Kodi can be directly installed from the repository. This method should work for Windows, Mac OS, and Android and also in smartphones.

In order to install the Kodi app in iOS, it is a little bit tricky. And hence for installing Kodi in iOS, we should use the Cydia Impactor app. To download Kodi on Fire TV Stick, we need some sideloading apps or any other loading applications.